Metabolic health refers to the overall well-being of an individual's metabolism, which is responsible for converting food into energy.

It includes various aspects including blood sugar regulation, cholesterol levels, and body weight.

Having a great metabolic health is crucial for maintaining optimal functioning of the body and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and numerous others

A healthy metabolism efficiently utilizes nutrients and helps maintain a balanced energy level throughout the day. This can be achieved through a combination of correct diet, physical activity, sufficient sleep, and managing stress. Prioritizing metabolic health is essential for promoting overall wellness and longevity.

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How I can help you?

Diet and lifestyle modifications work better and tend to stick when you enjoy doing it, not when it feels like a chore. I was successful in losing weight many times but ended up gaining the same weight some time later as it required a lots of will power and discipline to follow. 

In my program, there is no diet chart to follow, instead you will learn what foods create health in you and how easy it us for you remain healthy for life. 

Depending on your present health status and where you want to be, I can help you plan your health goals and set up simple steps to help you reach there.

Changes in diet are individualized to work around your dietary preferences - vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Call/ message/ mail to know more about the METABOLIC HEALTH program.  The program can be done online or in-person.